We developed the LAX with a lot of passion. The goal was to build a bike that fits easily into everyday life and gives you full flexibility. The LAX is a small, maneuverable cargo bike with a large basket and plenty of space for all the thousands of things you want to transport in everyday life.

Muscle or Motor

We know how difficult it is to decide: Do I want to ride a classic bike or do I want to do without motor support? Since LAX is intended to be your companion for many years, you don't have to make this choice now. If your situation changes, it can easily be expanded into a fully-fledged e-bike. A hub motor is installed in the rear wheel and the battery is inserted into the main tube of the frame. All the necessary brackets are already integrated into the frame. Of course, you can also jet off directly with the engine.


We love steel and consciously chose this beautiful material. The chrome molybdenum we use has a long tradition in bicycle construction. For good reasons, it has recently been rediscovered for modern bikes. Chrome molybdenum wheels are light and comfortable and are very durable. And ultimately they also have a much better CO2 balance than bicycles made of aluminum or carbon. And once its days are numbered, this material can also be easily recycled.

Local Production

It is important to us that not only does cycling benefit the environment, but that the bike itself also has the lowest possible CO2 footprint. We therefore rely on local production and keep the transport routes for materials and parts as short as possible.